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UALL Work-Based Learning Network Conference

3rd & 4th July 2008, University of Wales Institute in Cardiff

This conference addressed the issues around the values of WBL; that is both social, economic and inherent values within the broad area of WBL as a field and mode of study.

The themes covered included:

  • The value of WBL as an educational approach/ genre
  • The values and values of WBL to students, employers and other stakeholders
  • The nature and value of students’ work-based projects and other learning activities
  • The cost effectiveness of WBL as an educational approach/ genre.

The conference examined the various models and levels of WBL and the differing concerns that are posed about its values. WBL is being used and has great potential in enabling access for non-traditional learners to higher education. WBL can be a mechanism for individuals to engage in programmes with colleges and universities or it can be a partnership-based company initiative.